To load Refinate into Excel for the first time, your macro security settings must be set so Refinate can run. To be notified when a macro would like to load so you can give permission or deny, set the macro security to “Disable all macros (with notification)“. You will see Refinate’s digitally signed certificate (“AnalogDigital Engineering, LLC“) when you load Refinate and click “Show signature details”. If you prefer not to be questioned each time Refinate is loaded, click the “Trust all from publisher” button and Refinate’s certificate will be confirmed silently without asking. An alternative to choosing “Trust all” is to assign Refinate’s installed folder as a trusted location. A trusted certificate or a trusted location can be removed later (see links below about security settings). Otherwise, when loading Refinate, click “Enable Macros” and you will be asked each time you run it. You can also add Refinate to Excel’s list of “Add-ins” to have it load automatically each time you open Excel.

To show Refinate’s floating window in Excel 2003, use the small Refinate toolbar provided (don’t close it — drag it to dock wherever you like). Or after Refinate is running you can use Ctrl+W. If you close the small Refinate toolbar, enable it again using Excel menu View>Toolbars>Refinate.

To show Refinate’s floating window in Excel 2007 or newer, click the Refinate icon under the “Add-Ins” tab. Or after Refinate is running you can use Ctrl+W.

Even better, add Refinate to the Quick Access Toolbar of Excel 2007 and newer so you won’t need to change your active menu tab to show Refinate. To add it, click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon (typically the rightmost of the small icons at the top of Excel). Choose More Commands, and in the drop-down box named Choose commands from: select All Commands. Then find and select Custom Toolbars, click ADD, then OK. Now to see Refinate, simply click the Custom Toolbars icon among the Quick Access Toolbars.

Click a link below to read Microsoft Excel 2007 details about security settings:

Download the most current User Manual (Rev. 1.009, Mar 11, 2011): Refinate3_UserManual.pdf

Refinate: GUI Text Parser & Verify BOM, Netlists, much more.

Compare Information in Excel (Compare BOM)

Ultimate GUI Text Parser & Compare Info (Netlists)

Note: More in-depth support information coming soon!


3.0.16 Mar 19 2011

More improvements and enhancements to the Text Converter/Importer to simplify and achieve consistent performance when applying more complex command sequences. User Manual updates. A change was made to the Cut operation. “Fixed Hard” can be used to insert text at end of line. The Subtract_Button now subtracts multiple area selections from Refinate’s Window content. A message is presented when Justify Left or Justify Right is used on a selection with merged cells instead of causing a fault. Pasting multiple columns works consistently using PasteSafeToCursor. Query finds single digits after hyphens. Remedied: ReduceRowsToOne wasn’t performing if “Dups:Mrk,Sumry” was selected even though disabled. Other misc.

3.0.12 Feb 18, 2011

Improvements and enhancements to the Text Converter/Importer: Changes done concerning the following areas: the command “FixedWidth Soft” properly accounts for multiple consecutive empty fields; and Space(s) count greater than 1 can be specified as the Text Event and it will be handled accordingly; addressed the handling of inserted and replaced text within Fixed Width Soft regions; text cutting; increased the amount of visible command lines within the procedure list while previewing the result; now parsing commands can be inserted above the first parsing command in the Standard Line procedure list. The User Manual has been updated to include more description — particularly pertaining to the Text Converter/ Importer.

3.0.08  Oct 31, 2010

Remedied an error that prevented final cosmetic formatting of comparison reports generated on new worksheets. The Reduce_Rows_To_One output report will now be formatted to wrap. A minor change to the Help file concerning “Fixed Width Hard”.