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Refinate Registration Form

Enter the transaction ID found in your PayPal receipt.

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Our payment processor, PayPal, has generated a unique transaction ID to identify your transaction. It’s a 17-digit number. You will find the transaction ID in PayPal's confirmation screen, in your PayPal email receipt, or in your PayPal account. Copy & paste the Transaction ID provided within PayPal's payment acceptance receipt into the Registration Form above.

Why do you need this?

This transaction ID provides us with a solid link between your unique payments and specific registered computers and user names — even when the billing name is different from the registered user name. We use the PayPal transaction ID to look up your purchase, or to verify your account ownership. Keep in mind that since PayPal is our sole payment processor, this transaction ID will be generated even if you paid via credit card or another method.

It is essential that this registration ID# come from the specific machine that the license key will be locked to. Copy (Ctrl+C) from Refinate's License Managment screen and paste here (Ctrl+V).

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To get the Refinate Registration#, which needs to be pasted into the Registration Form, first install Refinate Free Edition onto the specific PC machine* that you want Refinate Professional Edition to operate on. After evaluating this installation, copy the Registration# from the license management screen which displays each time you run Refinate (or else click "Tools & License" in Refinate's menu). The license key we send you will activate the Professional Edition without reinstallation. Please read the notes at the bottom of this page.

You must enter an accurate email below in order to receive your license key. Your key will typically be sent within 1 business day. Check your spam folder if you don’t see our return email.

The User Name you provide below will be displayed in Refinate's License Management Screen after activating the Professional Edition.

Please include the Company Name in the address below.

Other License Key Options

We are considering providing leased/subscription licenses. Please contact us to let us know about your interest in this type of license. We would be happy to provide you with some lease/subscription options.

We also plan to provide floating licenses. Please contact us to let us know about your interest in this type of license.


Thank you for your interest in Refinate.

Privacy Policy: The information you provide to AnalogDigital Engineering, LLC will be kept confidential and will not be given out without explicit permission from you (we might ask for permission in order to provide you with extended services at some point).

Distributing copies: The Refinate installation file that is downloaded from this site can be freely distributed as long as the Terms are satisfied (e.g., the file must be kept intact as-is, etc.). Read the Terms in a file included in the Refinate installation file.

* Notice regarding license: The purchase price is for one license key that will work specifically for the PC machine we will have on record as your registered machine. If you contact us to request that we transfer your license key to another machine we will inform you about any service charges that apply for assisting you with the transfer.

Transferring your Professional Edition license key to another machine: If you must move your license key to another machine, contact us with your current Registration ID#. After we verify your registration, we will direct you through the process. This procedure is designed to secure your installation. We do not assure that you can move your license to other machines (e.g., different operating systems, etc.).