Install and Evaluate Refinate Free Edition

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Both options will download Refinate 3.0 Free Edition (includes a Professional Edition Trial).
Run this certified setup file now, or download it into any folder and double click to begin installation. Please read the ReadMe.txt file included in the installation for information about loading Refinate into Microsoft Excel. Also visit Support for installation information.
Alternate download option: use CNET’s secure installer.

Important: Evaluate Refinate on the same machine you will be using the Professional Edition on.

Free Edition vs. Professional Edition:
The Free Edition will operate at the same performance level as the Professional Edition for a 30 day trial period.

Once the trial period has expired, the standard Free Edition will continue to perform the same functions as the Professional Edition, but reverts to being able to process up to 100 rows or 100 items per applied action. The amount the Professional Edition can process per applied action is limited only by available computer resources.


Buy Refinate Professional Edition

Refinate 3.0 Professional Edition


Pay with confidence at PayPal’s secure check out pages.

Evaluate Refinate on the same machine you will be using the Professional Edition on, and retrieve its registration code. Then click the PayPal button and pay securely with any credit card approved by PayPal, or with a transfer from your own PayPal account.

You can purchase more than one license key per PayPal order and use the same PayPal Transaction ID# to receive a license key for each computer you register below. Complete one full registration form for each computer requiring a license key. If you register more computers than you have paid for, you will not receive any license keys until we find out from you which machines to generate a key for.

This purchase price is for a license key activation on the PC machine you register with us.*


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Thank you for your interest in Refinate.

Privacy Policy: The information you provide to AnalogDigital Engineering, LLC will be kept confidential and will not be given out without explicit permission from you (we might ask for permission in order to provide you with extended services at some point).

Distributing copies: The Refinate installation file that is downloaded from this site can be freely distributed as long as the Terms are satisfied (e.g., the file must be kept intact as-is, etc.). Read the Terms in a file included in the Refinate installation file.

* Notice regarding license: The purchase price is for one license key that will work specifically for the PC machine we will have on record as your registered machine. If you contact us to request that we transfer your license key to another machine we will inform you about any service charges that apply for assisting you with the transfer.

Transferring your Professional Edition license key to another machine: If you must move your license key to another machine, contact us with your current Registration ID#. After we verify your registration, we will direct you through the process. This procedure is designed to secure your installation. We do not assure that you can move your license to other machines (e.g., different operating systems, etc.).