Ultimate Point & Click Worksheet Parser/Importer/Auto-Editor (Text Converter/Importer)

This action can modify original content held within a worksheet (allowing changes by iterations), and it can create an entirely new worksheet for the conversion/import results.

The Ultimate Point & Click Excel Worksheet Parser/Importer will allow you to quickly get textual documents and information from a wide variety of sources into Excel in an orderly fashion. This Text Converter/Import action is as easy to use as Excel’s import facility or as its TextToColumns facility for comparable tasks and has extended abilities. It modifies and restructures information already residing within a worksheet.

An instant advantage of Refinate’s Text Converter/ Import is that its scripts can be easily saved, reused, and shared. Scripts are created automatically as you choose from the provided options — you will not need to write scripts.

Unlike Excel’s import facility which allows only single characters to be chosen as delimiters to indicate where a column split should occur, Refinate allows any amount of text characters to be typed which when found will trip an event operation. Choose the operation to be performed at the found text from the dropdown options. For each found text (each event), you may choose to split (parse) the source into a new column, or replace the text at the event with other text you provide, or have new text inserted immediately before or after the event, or cut text away, and more. There are two types of commands, Global and Step. Use a Global command to perform the same operation on every occurrence of the same specified text. When a Step command is used, the specified text must be found in the source (as many repetitions as specified) before any subsequent commands will be processed. In this way, Step commands permit conditional operations, and they can be used to perform different operations on the same text characters found in different places in a line of source text (e.g., for source text “xxxx”, replace the first “x” with “a”, and insert “b” at the third “x”).

You might have experienced the frustration of trying to use Excel’s Fixed Width setting to split (parse) text into columns. The problem arises when information you want to parse is arranged in columns but you can’t locate a position for a column split that won’t cut up at least some text that bleeds across into neighboring fields. Refinate addresses this issue by providing the useful setting called Fixed Width Soft. Just set the column boundaries to include the leftmost text of each field and if any text bleeds across that boundary from the previous field, it will not be cut up — it will remain with the previous fields. All text will be placed within the field that it originated in. And if you need to delineate fields by more than one space, there is an option for that. And when Fixed Width Soft can’t do your parsing job all by itself, include other Step commands (such as a command that will cause column splits to occur in whitespace areas).

Text Converter/ Import can make context sensitive edits that overwrite information selected on the worksheet, or it can create a new worksheet to hold the results of an import.