Reverse Name or Word Order within Cells (Last Word First w/Filter)

The results of this action are placed into the column to the right of the selection where it can easily be reviewed next to the source and where it can also become a new field in your database.

This action can be used to reverse the order of names (for sorting purposes) and optionally remove certain text from the name (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.). This action will also append the last name to a second person if two people are listed in the same cell. For instance, if this action were applied to “Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Smith, PHD”, then the result “Smith John, Smith Jane” would be placed in the column to its right. Since Refinate works with comma delimited items, there are now two items in that cell that can be operated on by Refinate and each could be checked for duplication if desired. Also, you would now be able to use Refinate’s Expand Row to Many to make two complete records for each of the two people who were listed within the same name field.