Powerful Query

Refinate’s Query will locate cells which contain exact matches to your specified items even when multiple items/words are listed within single cells. A shortcoming of Excel’s Find is that in order to find a whole word among multiple words within single cells, you must use Excel’s partial cell match setting. But then Excel inappropriately finds every occurrence of the name even if it only partially matches.

For instance, use Excel’s Find for “Robert” and it brings you incorrectly to both cells “Robert Jackson” and “Roberta Holmes”. But Refinate’s Query brings you only to “Robert Jackson”. Excel’s Find Exact (whole cell content) cannot help because neither cell contains only “Robert” all by itself.

Another example, if you use Excel’s Find for “R1″, it will incorrectly bring you to all of these cells ; “R10,R11″, “R90,R101″, “R1x”, “R1,R2″. But in this case, Refinate’s Query only brings you to the cell containing “R1,R2″. Refinate’s Query also looks within hyphenated ranges to find indexed items. For instance, if the search is for “R2″, then “R1-R4,R6″ will be located.

If Query is used to edit a found cell, a comment tag will be placed at that cell to log your changes. Those comment tags can be made visible or hidden and can also be included in a printout.