Paste Safe to Cursor

This action places information wherever you click a cell for it to begin.

When information is pasted into Excel, Excel attempts to interpret the nature of the data and it might incorrectly enter it as something other than you wanted. For instance, if the information you want to paste begins with an “=” sign, Excel will assume you are pasting a formula even if you are not, and you will end up with a cell error.

Use this action to copy and paste (via the clipboard) your text documents into Excel safely as Refinate prevents any misinterpretation of your text import. Paste Safe to Cursor also makes sure no data will be overwritten. After Pasting Safe to Cursor, select the specific information to be converted into numbers or dates, etc., and apply Refinate’s Number Values action.

For parsing text documents, first use Paste Safe to Cursor and then use Refinate’s Text Converter/Import to parse it into columns.

Also, you can use this action to safely paste any items that are held within Refinate’s windows that might be misinterpreted by Excel if pasted directly to the worksheet.