More Features

Case Upper, Proper, Lower

One of Refinate’s modes is case sensitive. This will set selected cells to the same case.

Columns Justify Right / Left

When reducing some document styles to single row records, some source records might have a different amount of fields than others. Columns Justify can be used to align the results. For each row within a selection, if the end cell is empty, this can be used to slide all selected cells on the same row equally toward the empty end cell until the end cell is not empty. For example, if the zip code is the end field for of a batch of address records, but zip codes are not presently all in the same column, this can be used to slide the addresses so that the zip codes will all be in the same column.

Comma_Space Set / Clear

Within the selected cells, Comma_Space Set will replace any whitespace found between text with a comma and a space if there isn’t already a comma there. This turns the text into comma delimited items that Refinate can recognize and work with individually.

Within the selected cells, Comma_Space Clear can reduce or remove spaces after commas to reduce the amount of text to hold in cells.

Comments Reposition

When columns or rows are inserted or resized, Excel seems to lose control of comment alignment and comments end up in far-flung places. This repositions them next to their cell of origin and resizes them if necessary.

Hyperlink Extract, Hyperlink Replace With

Refinate will not carry actual hyperlinks through any processes. Use this action to convert the hyperlinks into plain text so that Refinate can carry the a link’s destination text through a process. After Refinate outputs the results, you can select the extracted text destinations and convert them back into hyperlinks again.

For all cells selected, Hyperlinks Extract will put a text copy of the hyperlink’s destination into the column to the right of the source hyperlink. If you then select that extracted text and apply Hyperlink Replace With, Refinate will turn those selected cells of text into hyperlinks again which can be clicked to bring you to the destination.

Number Values

Whenever Refinate outputs results, they are in text format. Select the columns or cells to which you would like Excel to apply its interpretation in order to convert text numbers, dates, etc., into Excel values. Any text within your selection that cannot be interpreted as anything other than text will remain as text.

Paint Table Format

With one click, this action will make information visibly coherent if it wasn’t already. It will remove merged cells, align text to the top of cells, widen cells up to a reasonable limit, put borders around the selected cells for highlighting, and more. You can choose to have the cells wrapped or not. This can be especially useful after pasting HTML from the web and is also a quick way to wrap or unwrap cells while also having column widths expanded or reduced to see a reasonable amount of information per column while still seeing many columns.

Prefix Set / Clear / After Hyphen Clear

Use this to change the style of prefix notation used for indexed items within cells (e.g., for reference designators). Prefix Set will check that there is no more than one prefix name per cell (e.g., only “R1,R2″ and not “R1, C2″), and it will then set all plain numbers in that cell to have the same prefix (e.g., “R1,2,3″ will be changed to “R1,R2,R3″). It is necessary to explicitly connect a prefix to all index numbers before Refinate can perform processes such as duplicates checking, etc.. Prefix Set will also put a prefix after a hyphen (e.g. “R1-2″ becomes “R1-R2″), but it is not essential to apply this in order for Refinate to handle hyphenated ranges. Prefix Clear removes all but the first prefix if the same prefix is used throughout the cell (from “R1,R2,R3″ to “R1,2,3″). This is used to return to this style if desired after other Refinate processing. Prefix After Hyphen Clear will remove any prefix after the hyphen if it is the same as the prefix before the hyphen.

These actions can be used as a means of verifying the integrity of a BOM because it will warn if more than one prefix name has been used in a single cell (e.g., a warning is given for “R1, C2″, or for “R1-C2″).

Text to Columns

When you use Excel’s TextToColumns, the last used TextToColumns settings remain active and are applied to anything you subsequently paste into Excel. This is usually undesirable as you use Refinate. So, the action provide here is the same as Excel’s TextToColumns except that it clears the TextToColumns settings when complete so that future pastes don’t undesirably get split into columns automatically.

Wrap Text Firm

This allows much more information to be seen neatly wrapped in cells. You can remove all spaces and this will force a cell wrap to occur at commas so that no text within words become wrapped. It also permits more characters to be viewed and printed than the approximately 1000 character limit of pre Excel 2007 versions.

Wrap Text Set / Clear

Quickly set cells to wrap or unwrap from Refinate’s menu. Optionally, you can use this to remove line break characters.