Get Accurate Item Counts (Paste Count Right > )

Each row’s count will be placed into a cell to the right of the selection.

This action will provide an accurate count of all items found on each row within the selection. If there are multiple comma delimited items contained within a cell, they will all be counted (e.g., “R1,R3,R5″ in a single cell is counted as 3 items). Additionally, it will count items that are represented using hyphenated range syntax (e.g., “R1-10″ is counted as 10 items).

Prior to generating a quantity count, if items associated with a single record are spread across multiple rows, use Refinate to reduce those rows down to one row and have it consolidate the spread out items into a single cell of the single row. This way, Refinate will post a single total quantity for each record.

For example, on a bill of materials, a part to be installed on a manufactured printed circuit board might be used multiple times on the same board (the same type of switch might be used in two places, for instance). A unique reference designator is assigned for each location the part is used. But some bill of materials documents are arranged such that all reference designators for a single part are listed across several rows — not all on the same row as the part number to be purchased. So use Refinate to consolidate all reference designators down to the same single row that holds the part number, and then generate an accurate quantity count for the purchase of that part.