Find and Manage Duplicates

This action can highlight and place tags within the source and a list reporting duplicates and their occurrence count can be placed anywhere.

Refinate includes many options for locating and handling duplicates. One option is to find duplicates of individual items within your selection. Multiple areas can be selected and searched all at once for duplicates. It even searches for duplicates within single cells containing numerous comma delimited items. When searching for duplicates of individual items, an option is available to look inside hyphenated range notation. For example, a cell containing “R2,R8″ and a cell containing “R1-4,R9″ would both be found to contain a duplicate of “R2“. Another option is to find partial row or whole row duplication within the columns (fields) you have restricted your search to.

Select as many columns as you would like included in the duplicates search and be brought to each location of a duplicate (optional). If you edit a visited duplicate, a comment tag will be placed at the edit that holds a log of the change. Optionally auto-highlight any cell containing a duplicate. And enable tagging to have text tags placed in the worksheet at rows/records containing duplication. Once these duplication indicators are in place, use Excel to interactively manage the duplicates. For example, because the tags remain in place as long as you like, they can be used at any time for navigating to only records having duplicates (by using End-Down or End-Up). And use Excel’s AutoFilter, or Advanced Filter to display only rows which contain duplicates so you can make decisions on how to handle these records while assessing the record’s full content. And the tags can be used together with Excel’s Sort to group duplicates together for assessment.

When you choose to find duplicates of any individual item occurring anywhere within your selection, the text of the placed tags will identify the specific items of that row that are duplicated somewhere (even if there is a duplication within the same row — ideal for locating and identifying duplicated reference designators in BOMs).

Additionally, a report of found duplicates and their occurrence count will be shown in Refinate’s windows. The report can be pasted directly into a worksheet or any other application.