Expand Row to Many

This action creates a new worksheet and the original source worksheet remains unchanged.

If a document has single row records where each record might have one column (one cell of the record) which contains more than one item (comma delimited — such as reference designators or netlist nodes, etc.), this can be used to expand those rows such that all information of each record is replicated for as many times as there are comma delimited items associated with that record. And only one of the original comma delimited items will be placed on each new row. This can be sorted and compared against another list processed the same way.

For example, if one Part on a BOM list occupies one row and has three reference designators listed in one cell, this will replicate all of the part information three times (three rows) and will put only one unique reference designator into each of the three new rows. Or for a Netlist that has a Netname on one row followed by ten Nodes in another cell on the same row, this will replicate the Netname ten times (ten rows ) and only one Node will be placed in the adjacent cell for each copy of the Netname.

If you use Expand Row to Many on two documents to be compared, and then use Refinate’s Compare action, you will be shown only the specific items that differ between your documents rather than being shown differing rows which contain many comma delimited items wherein only one or a few of those items actually differ between the documents. Additionally, pre-sorting cell content prior to comparing becomes unnecessary when Expand Row to Many is used.