• Overview of Refinate

    Overview of Refinate

    Refinate brings a wealth of tightly integrated features to the Excel environment.

    Have you wrestled with trying to import documents properly into Excel?
    Your import options are no longer so limited. Refinate includes the ultimate point & click worksheet Parser/Importer/Auto-Editor which is far and away more flexible and more able than Excel’s own parser/importer. Now get many more types of text documents into Excel quickly and the data becomes accessible. You’ll see cleaner parsing results even if your original document doesn’t have fully aligned columns and even if it doesn’t have a consistent delimiter character to use for defining column splits. And text can be auto-modified during the import process. Reusable scripts are automatically created as you make your parsing choices by pointing and clicking. This parser/importer/auto-editor is a high value asset for making Excel accessible for more applications. Use it as a BOM converter (bill of materials converter) or Netlist converter, or other document converter.
    Ultimate Point & Click Worksheet Parser/Importer/Auto-Editor →

    Do you have multiple items in a single cell that you need to get at individually?
    Refinate has a very special ability that expands Excel’s usefulness into a whole new realm. It has the ability to discriminate down to each comma delimited item listed within single cells. That is, if one cell contains the text “X1,X2″, Refinate is able to treat each “X1″ and “X2″ as individual items. So, each comma delimited item will be considered during duplicates checking, comparisons, counting, item subtraction, etc.. In addition, Refinate can discriminate each item implied by hyphenated range notation. For instance, if a cell’s content is “X2-X6″, then Refinate would produce a quantity count of five if you requested a count. And if “X4″ were subtracted from that same cell, the result would be “X2-X3,X5-X6″. So if a feature is said to be able to operate on individual items, remember these abilities.

    Refinate can gather multiple items listed within single cells and further manipulate them — all selected cells at once. For instance, select a whole column (or even select multiple areas/ranges) and among other tasks, Refinate can tell you how many duplicates there are of each unique item and place one copy of each unique item into a cell by itself.

    This granularity is perfect for working with documents such as bill of materials (BOM) and Netlists used in the electronics industry (as well as for other documents listing integrated circuit device pad identities).

    Would you like to specify an item or word to find and be brought only to cells that hold the exact item/word?
    Refinate’s Query will do that for you. In addition to finding exact matches of whole cell content (like Excel’s Find can), Query will also find exact matches of either comma delimited words or space delimited words within single cells (which Excel can’t do). When you let Excel’s Find look for partial matches, you can get an overwhelming amount of hits. On the other hand, when you ask Refinate to Query for “X1″, it knows not to bother showing cells containing text such as “X10,X11,X100″, and instead shows a cell containing “X1,X3″. And, Query will look inside hyphenated ranges to find exact matches. For instance, a cell containing “X2-X6″ will be located if “X4″ were queried.
    Query →

    Need to find and manage Duplicates?
    Find duplicated whole rows, partial rows, or individual items. Just select one or more areas and click. Places tags within your information so you can revisit duplicates. Refinate works hand-in-hand with Excel’s standard built-in AutoFilter (or Advanced Filter) and Sort to cluster duplicates for examination and editing. Optionally auto-highlight duplicates. A report can be placed anywhere that lists all duplicates along with the number of occurrences.
    Find and Manage Duplicates →

    Need to find and Compare lists or documents?
    Compare whole rows, partial rows, or individual items without regard to row order. Just select two or more areas and click. Places tags within your information so you can revisit differences (uniques). Refinate works hand-in-hand with Excel’s standard built-in AutoFilter (or Advanced Filter) and Sort to cluster differences for examination and editing. Optionally auto-highlight differences. In addition to tagging and highlighting your source worksheet, a new worksheet will be created holding a Results Report of the differences. Excel’s AutoFilter will already be set up for you to examine information of interest. Refinate can sort comma delimited items within cells. Use this prior to comparing whole or partial rows to prevent a difference from being reported about identical items that are merely arranged differently.
    Compare for Differences →

    Need to find accurate quantities of items?
    After someone hand edits a document, it can be nearly impossible to notice that the stated quantity no longer matches the amount of items in a list. Refinate can count the amount of items selected (including comma delimited items as well as items within hyphenated ranges). Additionally, Refinate can place on each row a total quantity count of all items found in that row within the selection. Prior to generating a quantity count, Refinate can be used to consolidate down to a single row all items related to a single record that are spread out across many rows. By first performing the consolidation of items down to one row, the quantity counts Refinate places on each row will reflect the total count for a given record’s items.

    For example, on a bill of materials, a part for the assembly might be used in many different locations of the same assembly (the same switch might be used in two places, for instance). A unique reference designator is assigned for each location the part is used. But for some bill of materials document styles, a single part’s reference designators are listed across several rows instead of only on the same row as the part to be purchased. So use Refinate to consolidate all reference designators down to the main row that holds the associated part number and then generate an accurate quantity count for the purchase of that part.
    Accurate Quantity Counts →

    Want to move associate information spread across multiple rows down into a single row so that you can sort the whole list properly?
    Oftentimes, the best way to organize data in a worksheet is into single row records so that you can take advantage of some of Excel more powerful features (such as Sort and AutoFilter, etc.). But information isn’t always arranged like that. Refinate can recognize information “spread out” across rows among your entire listing and reduce each down to single row records. Just select and area and click.
    Reduce to Single Row Records →

    Refinate provides you with tools to support your creativity in new ways for your everyday worksheets. And it also provides you with the power to accomplish some major tasks you otherwise would need to purchase specialized software for. Refinate adds flexibility to Excel and aids you as you accomplish both major and minor tasks using generic Excel worksheets. Refinate provides a fresh new way to frame your ideas.

    Refinate does not travel with the worksheet and it’s not necessary to use Refinate once the worksheet is created. Your worksheets can be passed around to anybody. Refinate does not require your data to be structured in any special manner for it to be useful, although, it can be used to create formal structure for your data if you like.

    Data integrity and verification are strong points of Refinate. Whenever data in a document is hand edited, problems can arise. Refinate provides means for making automatic edits and automatic count adjustments (for BOM, for instance). Refinate has syntax and duplicates checking that will flag issues with indexed items (e.g., reference designators) which are likely to occur during hand editing. Have Refinate count all reference designators before making purchases to be sure any changes made by hand are accounted for in the stated quantity.

    Refinate comes with many other features that can make information easier to view in place, and has other features that can rearrange information to become more readable and usable in a worksheet. As an example, often when you paste from the web into Excel you end up with a jumble of merged cells and apparent disjointed information. With one click, Refinate makes that information immediately visibly coherent. You can even quickly create a database of records out of information pasted from web pages by using Refinate.