Paste Safe to Cursor

This action places information wherever you click a cell for it to begin. When information is pasted into Excel, Excel attempts to interpret the nature of the data and it might incorrectly enter it as something other than you wanted. For instance, if the information you want to paste begins with an “=” sign, Excel will assume you are pasting a formula even if you are not, and you will end up with a cell error. Use this action to copy and paste (via the clipboard) your Continue reading →

Create New Lists with Omissions (Subtract Display Paste to Right > )

This action will put a new list of items next to your original list where you can easily confirm you’re getting the results you desire. The new list will not include any items that were put into Refinate’s display prior to initiating this action. This is how to create a sub list from a master list with omissions. Follow this up with an automatic generation of new quantities. – Return to Features Menu -

Reverse Name or Word Order within Cells (Last Word First w/Filter)

The results of this action are placed into the column to the right of the selection where it can easily be reviewed next to the source and where it can also become a new field in your database. This action can be used to reverse the order of names (for sorting purposes) and optionally remove certain text from the name (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.). This action will also append the last name to a second person if two people are listed in the same cell. For Continue reading →

More Features

Case Upper, Proper, Lower One of Refinate’s modes is case sensitive. This will set selected cells to the same case. Columns Justify Right / Left When reducing some document styles to single row records, some source records might have a different amount of fields than others. Columns Justify can be used to align the results. For each row within a selection, if the end cell is empty, this can be used to slide all selected cells on the same row equally toward the empty end Continue reading →