Design and Manufacturing

BOM / Assembly / Purchasing list verification and integrity checking: Compare BOM documents (or any listed information) even when they’re in different formats. Automatically convert any BOM and other listed information into standard formats to allow importing into downstream processes (such as importing into an MRP or into PLM systems like Oracle’s Agile). Compress related information spanning multiple rows down to single row records. Verify integrity of BOM by automatically locating duplicate reference designators and part numbers (even when designator ranges are hyphenated like R3-7). Continue reading →

Working with Databases

Database Evaluation Duplicate Records: Highlight, Tag, Filter, and Manage Partial Matching Records and Fully Matching Records Data Mining: Pull Info from Websites or Other Sources and Apply Guided Scripts to Auto-Create Data Fields and Auto-Remove Unwanted Portions Data Grooming: One Click to Reformat Web Pages into Readable Text Records Web Scraping Data Preparation: Import and Reformat Information from any Text Source